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    "Control WORRY Before it Controls You"

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I work with companies, schools and faith-based organizations to ease worry and increase success

Working with companies, schools and faith-based organizations to ease worry and increase success


Tom Baker is a veteran TV Producer, published author and inspiring professional speaker, on-air radio personality, and radio talk-show host. His 30 years of leadership skills developed from working in a management position at Scripps Networks, owning his business, Cobblestone Entertainment, LLC, for 22 years plus directing and producing high profile TV projects in environments where chaos is king and deadlines are frightening, enables Tom to give a motivating presentation about leading with confidence, purpose and direction... and also worrying to the Nth degree.

Before the pandemic, worry/stress was the #1 health problem in America, now it's even worse. 70% of Americans admit to being worried and/or stressed everyday. We are a worried society and sadly, it has become our normal. Worry and stress directly contribute to health problems, hopelessness and loss of focus and productivity in the workplace. The average American wastes 5 years of their life worrying. Changes produces stress, anxiety and worry - and it's something that we humans run away from at all costs... but change and struggle also produce growth and renewed strength. In his popular published book, “One Dog’s Faith,” Tom uses his dog’s perspective to witness the devastating effects of worry and change. In a two-year period, Tom lost nearly 30 pounds due to worry and stress. Tom offers encouraging and engaging ways to minimize worry and find focus and fulfillment. Whether in the corporate environment, signature event, civic club, small or large group or in a faith-based environment, this message is on target and necessary to help inspire and empower. Tom has been helping people open their minds to the possibility that today is great and tomorrow is thrilling. Worry doesn’t have to take control, let your group experience this very personal and powerful message. Tom's just released second book, "Worry is Stupid!" faces worry head on.


Topics:  Manage Worry/Stress - Workplace Wellness - Lead like a TV Director



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Happy People

Tom Baker’s presentation on “Worry” was timed perfectly for our hospitality group as we entered a stress filled season.  His insight and perspective provided an understanding of the struggles we all face.  His lighthearted delivery was engaging and relatable.   Some feedback from our attendees included:  “I haven’t been in his shoes but could have walked beside him.  His presentation hit home.”  “You feel his genuine desire to share his experiences to help others.”  “When I got home, I hugged my dog tighter and promised to listen to him more.”  I would recommend Tom as a speaker to any organization/team who desires a powerful, real, inspirational jolt for happiness.  


Jill Thompson

Executive Director
Greater Knoxville Hospitality Association

As an Operations and HR veteran, I appreciate how Tom Baker spoke to heart of what’s affecting so many employees and executives right now - how best to deal with transition, worry and stress. I love how he incorporates dogs into to learning how to better navigate life. It is a fun and effective presentation, full of great tools to be more productive and get more out of each day. 


Don Truza

CEO, The Transition Team

Words can’t describe how having Tom present at our meeting just elevated our overall experience. It was exactly what I had hoped for and more. His powerful message of reducing stress and living day to day was the perfect message I wanted to convey to my team. He truly touched the hearts of my team and they had nothing but positive comments to say. Tom was extremely professional and even went above & beyond for me when I had technical difficulties. I would recommend Tom to anyone and he will certainly be a welcomed speaker at my future meetings! Thank you again so much Tom, truly! – Michaela Miller, District Manager at Direct Auto Insurance.


Michaela Miller

District Sales Manager, Direct Insurance

“Mr. Baker is fantastic and an engaging orator at a recent value added session for our office team members. His unique ability to take his personal life experiences, along with his furry friend, and turn them into valuable reminders about keeping the right perspective in our own life struggles was invaluable.  Our entire group took away actionable items that will allow us reduce stress and worry in our lives.  I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage others to invite Tom to engage with you and/or your team.”

Chris L. Cannon Branch Manager
UBS Global Wealth Management

“We had Tom Baker at our conference in January.  He was not only a great speaker, but he was also personable and captivating.  He talked about, “Worry is Stupid,” as our agents are facing hard markets, losing customers, sleepless nights, and how they are to continue in the insurance industry.  The audience took away great ideas to help reduce worry and stress.  We would highly recommend Tom Baker.”

Melissa Minors

Chief Administrative Officer

Big I Iowa

We had Mr. Baker speak at our holiday staff team-building retreat. Working in a hospital, and within the specialty of emergency and trauma services, days are long, stressful and often times sadness can weigh on the hearts of my dedicated team members. We are passionate about what we do, but were in need of some morale boosting.  
Mr. Baker was not your typical motivational speaker. His presentation was captivating with ‘real’ personal struggles and everyday practical strategies he used to overcome.  He presented in a fun, memorable way and his story was very engaging.

Highly recommend this speaker.

Niki Rasnake, BSN, RN, CEN, Trauma Program Manager
University of Tennessee Medical Ctr

I’ve heard Tom speak at a few professional luncheons in East Tennessee and he has always hit the mark.  His firsthand experience in encountering and dealing with life’s crises has given him valuable insights that show us a proven “path thru the maze”.  Tom is always engaging, always humorous, always topical, always knowledgeable and he clearly MUST share his passion of “minimizing worry” with his ever-increasing circle of friends.  I look forward to the next time I hear Tom Baker share his story, and recommend him wholeheartedly.


Mr. Tracy Porier

Vice President / East Tennessee Meeting Professionals

Senior Sales Manager / Knoxville Cluster – MCKIBBON HOSPITALITY

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